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Luxury Tent Rentals from Bushtec Adventure

By November 17, 2016 July 30th, 2020 Rental
Delta Zulu Tent

Hey, are you like me? I would love to go camping but I hate the grunge, getting muddy or not being comfortable.

What if you don’t have all the gear—or the budget and bandwidth to wrangle it—to camp in style?

Enter Bushtec Adventure, a new luxury tent rental service that pairs would-be campers with the most crucial and basic of needs: the perfect tent and equipment with which to camp in style and comfort.

Confession: While I love to hike and especially run on trails, I’m not much of an outdoors overnighter. My camping resume includes just a few days in college with my best friend in a campground by the dunes of Michigan (which did involve setting up a tent and cooking over an open fire), as well as a handful of stints in high school with a family who owned camping trailers, which meant we could sleep indoors, albeit in cramped—but still fairly cushy—quarters.

Besides, my idea of fun doesn’t include having to struggle with stakes and poles and cryptic instructions after a long drive to get out of the city. The initial cash outlay—a few hundred dollars for a decent tent with room for five, plus more for the pots, pans, plates, lanterns, collapsible tables and chairs—is off-putting, too, especially considering that, like many other city dwellers, I have neither the square footage nor storage space to hold onto said equipment. And while official campgrounds usually have flushing toilets and warm-ish showers, and recreational perks like kayaks and canoes, it’s not much fun to sleep without protection from the elements or in discomfort (Also, being claustrophobic, I like my space.)

Still, I did long for more than the day trips that my family usually takes. Yes, we could stay in a cabin or hotel, but those fill up fast—not great for last-minute types like us—and often require minimum-night stays in high-season summer. A hotel or a B &B also doesn’t fulfill the yearning to stare at the sky for hours on end, spotting constellations we don’t normally see in the city. And I don’t know any VRBO-er who’ll let us have a full-on cookout in their woods.

So when I spotted an ad for Bushtec Adventure Rentals—the luxury branded tents in the photos caught my eye—I found myself quickly falling through their stylish camping rabbit hole.

Visit www.bushtecadventure.com and you will find where and how you can make your next camping trip special